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Being 17
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Being 17
Quand on a 17 ans

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A well-crafted and affecting coming-of-age tale. The two lead actors are terrific and their chemistry palpable. Highly recommended.

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This is a really good movie. I was surprised. The poster and the tone suggests a mediocre one-time watch that you'll forget by the next day, but here I am over a year after my first watch. There's something very humane in this movie, and I specially loved Thomas' character who's just a quiet ...Read more

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I see my comment at last.

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Quite a remarkable feature film the likes of which I was not expecting. The performances of the three main stars were outstanding, The French scenario and screenplay were of very high quality. Director Téchiné creates such a real world. Though the film seems episodic at times, it all comes ...Read more