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Mister Rogers: It's You I Like
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Mister Rogers: It's You I Like
A Retrospective of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

Mister Rogers is an incredible person who demonstrates that the self-love not only benefits the people themselves but also the people around them. I feel blessed to watch him on the TV show, he teaches me it is okay to be not good at things which my parents never teach me. Give me the courage ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I once wrote to Mr. Rogers as an adult, when I was down and out and actually started watching him on TV. His simple message of "It's you I like" really lifted my spirits, and I wrote to him to tell him so! He personally wrote me a wonderful letter back (which I cherish), ending it with, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I'd a been better off if I payed him more attention, I suppose. Just didnt grab my imagination at the time. I was certainly in the wheelhouse... but - I was not amenable to such lessons. Because it was too close .... I suppose. Thank you Kanopy.

Anonymous picture

beautiful is right! And sweet and honest and true. He was/is and amazing human being and a role model for the world. Mr. Rogers we need you back.

kim avatar

Beautiful film! I was amazed. Even some of the celebrities I don't admire very much softened as they watched and remembered Mr. Rogers. What an amazing, magical, attentive, kind, and compassionate human being he was...!