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Excellent! Great acting and awesome story. Didn't veer off to something that is been done before so its fresh take on something like Her because of the message is less about changing new spiffy technology than accepting change in people.

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Gosh, that was really good. I enjoyed so many of the weird little moments and characters. They added up to a sweet and satisfying movie.

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Well said. I was very pleased with this film and I can say casting definitely played a big part in the experience. They did an awesome job!

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I may be emotional today but this movie made me cry. Definitely going to watch again. It has a rather simplistic quality but I love the storyline. This movie exhibits the challenge of love to: evolve with us. I found Joe to be strange yet simultaneously endearing. I find this to be a gem.

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Implausible in so many ways I lost count. The acting is more than occasionally overdone. The writing and story seemed contrived and forced and not at all real to me. It has some thought provoking themes and those good ideas did stick with me, but as a film it is a bit too scattered and ...Read more

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Obviously, a film that is not going to carry most 70-yr-old viewers along in it's millenial milieu. But I am not your typical 70-ish viewer. Maybe having two sons in their mid-30s gave me enough background to get caught up in the flow of this film. Excellent acting. I really liked it.

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its one conceit wasn't really enough to carry the film but if you like romantic comedies you could do worse.

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I liked it.

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The friendships/relationships in this story are real and they're great.

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Love it! What a gem of a movie. Mae Whitman is so fantastic. Also great to see the versatility of perennial geek Martin Starr.

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Great movie with a tremendous script and acting. This is a definite watch for all!

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Wow that was one of the best films I've seen in ages. I'm so surprised I hadn't heard of it. Interesting story-line with compelling characters. So glad I found this on Kanopy, a real gem.

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I enjoyed this film very much. Starr and Whitman are fantastic as always. The relationship dynamics felt very real and it was well written and engaging.

I really like this genre of honest-relationship-movie-that-has-funny-moments-but-isn't-really-a-romantic-comedy that has been ...Read more

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A very original flick with solid performances all round--worth watching if only for the "Mom takes a needle" sing-a-long..."10K Maniacs?" "No, you f*cking teenager, Patti Smith!" lol. Good stuff.