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Amauri avatar

I just watched Rift and honestly I liked it so much!
This is a sort of movie that don't let you chill out even for a minute.
It's true that the movie can be many things depending on how you interpret the plot clues.
Beautiful scenery!!!

Don't expect a traditional ...Read more

Autumn avatar

very thankful to have discovered this here, i've since bought it on dvd ^_^ it creates tension incredibly well!

Anonymous picture

Desolate, forlorn film, generally engaging. However, way too long.

Anonymous picture

Oddly interesting in ways that, at times, I wondered if something supernatural or psychotic was going on. The story line had so many loose ends towards the last 15 minutes that I was left wondering what really happened? This movie leaves it up to you to fill in many blanks for whatever story ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Agreed. Well said!