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An Intimate Look at High School Athletes on a Difficult Path

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

Such a wonderfully dense and emotional documentary of the journey of 4 determined kids and an AMAZING coach.

People who are commenting that they did not like Chris Scribner's coaching style--what the hell were you watching? There was and will never be anyone like Scribner in these ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Amazing. What I loved most was that the camera does all the talking. The young men's faces tell so much. As other commenters point out, Coach Scriber has his heart in the right place but is painfully oblivious and insensitive to many of the racial issues portrayed in the film.

Anonymous picture

This documentary struck a nerve with me. Chris Scriber should never be able to coach young people to do anything, especially young Black people. That tough love thing doesn't work with everyone. His behavior was disgusting. I am happy to see that most of the team seem to be doing okay in ...Read more

marie avatar

Very good -- inspiring and real. A coach who never gives up. Young men who are trying to better themselves.

Anonymous picture

Thank you for an incredible documentary. This video "tells and shows it like it is" for these kids.

Anonymous picture

Not just a sports documentary, Wrestle might be one of the best documentaries made in the last 10 years. Incredibly moving and inspiring, you just want these kids to win beyond the mat.

Anonymous picture

The next morning, this film is still on my mind. Coach Scrib is barely more than a child himself and despite his passion and desire to bring a championship to these kids, he has deep blind spots to the truth of life for these young men (primarily black) that are distressingly real. Every time ...Read more

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